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Getting to YES: How to Nurture Your Prospects to Know, Love & Trust You

In my last post, I discussed the importance of niching down to make it easier for your ideal patients to recognize your expertise and relevance.

In this post, I’ll highlight how to develop preeminence in your community, so that your audience considers you the go-to choice before they even take up any of your precious time.

In many ways, attracting patients is just like dating… your prospects need to go on a series of dates to get to know you better before they decide to schedule an appointment with you.

While there is no substitute for personal interaction, busy practitioners need to be judicious in how they spend their time educating prospective patients—ideally, the more personal touchpoints should be relegated to the point where your audience is already pre-determined to partner with you.

That’s why one of the most powerful ways to nurture your prospects includes a series of videos delivered through an email autoresponder (a software that allows you to schedule the delivery of a series of emails based on a triggering event).


Why Video?

Many prospects don’t like to read emails (or if they do, they skim). Most prefer to watch videos instead. Videos are the perfect vehicle for both the practitioner and the prospect—they satisfy the prospect’s need for information, context and insight, yet allow you to create connection, intimacy and a relationship at the same time.

In the suggested format of these emails (like the example from the Living Proof Institute), each email includes a screenshot of the video in the top part of the email, which links to the video on your website or YouTube, (since you can’t include an actual video in an email, just a screenshot of the video).

The video itself delivers on the what and why:

  • What do your patients need to know to make better informed decisions? What information would revitalize their mind to believe that resolution of their underlying health issues is indeed possible?
  • Why is it important for them to take action now, and not delay seeking a practitioner’s help in addressing their health and wellness challenges?

The suggested tips below the video deliver the how:

  • How can they change the trajectory of their health?
  • What is the next logical step in their journey?


Don’t Forget Your Calls To Action

While your subscribers’ main interest might be more information on how to deal with their symptoms and situation, we know that information alone is not healing anyone. It takes action from your prospect. Unless your prospect decides they want to take action, nothing will change for them, so as a clinician, your success depends on your ability to get them to act.

For one, you need to communicate the consequences of not taking action. They might conveniently assume that their condition will stay the same, when we know that it will likely deteriorate.

In addition, your goal with the email and video series is to deliver the needed information, so that your prospects make new decisions based on new information. Most likely, your prospects won’t know what changes to make, what lab tests to run to determine their starting point for their healing journey, and so on. Throughout the emails and videos, you want to encourage them to schedule a free phone consult to enlist your expertise on how to address their situation.

Throughout your messaging, you might want to point out that if they are serious about getting to the root cause of their issues, they need a qualified, properly trained practitioner and that you would be happy to serve in that role if they so choose.


How Do You Get Prospects on Your Email List?

The email autoresponder is triggered by a prospect subscribing to your email list through what we call a lead magnet, a magnet for patient leads. This is an “ethical bribe” that promises them a specific piece of content (like an informative guide) in exchange for their email, such as the two examples shown below for autoimmune diseases.

examples of autoimmune

It is paramount that the lead magnet both attracts the right audience and repels the wrong audience, so that you can deliver relevant information in your email autoresponder.

The only way you can be sure that your information is relevant and useful for your target audience (and thus gets them to open and consume your emails), is if the email topics are related to the lead magnet that got your prospects on the list in the first place.

In the above examples, the lead magnets enroll prospects interested in autoimmune-related information, symptoms and solutions. As such, the videos and email copy in your email autoresponder need to deliver actionable information around autoimmunity, its many symptoms, possible triggers, and next steps to take.

If you enjoyed this post, you’ll love the next installment, in which I discuss how to enroll more patients into care. If you’re interested in creating a low-stress, digitally advanced practice, then the Practice Accelerator program is a great place to start.


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As a veteran marketing expert and tech entrepreneur, Uli Iserloh has spent the past two decades building automated marketing systems that position health practitioners as the go-to experts in their community. In a world dominated by chronic disease, he advocates for an education-based marketing approach to inform prospective patients about the promise of integrative, holistic, and lifestyle/functional medicine.

After 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, he founded Big Boost Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency serving many of today’s Functional Medicine leaders—helping health practitioners attract, nurture and convert more prospects into clients. In addition, he is also serving as the COO for the Evolution of Medicine, guiding the company’s marketing strategy and operations.



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