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Getting to YES: How to Enroll More Patients Into Care

In the previous two posts, I discussed the importance of niching down to make it easier for your ideal patients to recognize your expertise and relevance, and how to employ lead magnets to build your email list and then nurture your prospective patients to know, love and trust you enough to take the next step.

In this post, I’ll highlight that next step in the marketing process: inviting prospects into a workshop or a discovery phone consult where they can build a more personal rapport with you and your team, so they feel comfortable enough to schedule a paid appointment.

As I alluded to previously, attracting patients is just like dating. Your prospects need to go on a series of dates to get to know you better before they decide to schedule a paid appointment with you.

Throughout the early part of this “dating process” via a series of emails, you establish your authority, expertise and experience while simultaneously highlighting the many ways that your practice is different from other, maybe more conventional care, practices.

By clearly articulating your unique point of difference, you help your prospective patients realize that you are indeed the practitioner they have been looking for all along, which provides the impetus to explore partnering with you to address their health challenges.

At this point, it becomes necessary to transition your interactions from email to more personal touchpoints, because prospective patients want to talk to you and your team in person before handing over their credit card details.

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Hosting a Workshop in Your Community

One of the best vehicles for deepening your relationship with prospective patients is through community workshops as they allow you to build connection and trust in a scalable manner with dozens of workshop attendees at the same time.

Additionally, workshops further edify your authority status (because they provide social proof that other people also consider you an expert) while tapping into the group dynamic to enroll attendees into paid consultations at the end of the presentation.

Ideally, practitioners should develop a signature talk that takes the audience through five distinct sections, leveraging the power of stories to teach and demonstrate your expertise:

  • During the introduction, you establish how you (or your patients) were struggling with the exact same issues that they are currently struggling with, and how you amassed the knowledge to overcome that health issue (which now makes you the expert). This is oftentimes referred to as your origin story.
  • During the bridge to the content, you outline what your attendees will be learning in the next 30-40 minutes, so they know what to expect and stay engaged.
  • During the main part of your talk, you teach three core concepts through case studies: introducing a representative patient, his/her struggles and symptoms, followed by how your signature program helped resolve the patient’s health issues.
  • During the ensuing section, you briefly introduce your signature program so your audience gets a better idea of how they can partner with you, followed by an invitation to schedule a free (or paid) consult to go over their specific situation.
  • Finally, you end your presentation with another story to provide an emotional close that gets your audience to act.


Depending on the practitioner’s level of preeminence, workshop attendees are encouraged to sign up for a free phone consult (to handle any remaining questions) or sign up directly for a paid first appointment.


Conducting Free Phone Consults

Phone consults are often the linchpin between the early-prospect nurturing phases and the beginning of care delivery with the initial appointment to review their case history and prior lab tests and formulate a care plan.

From a patient perspective, it provides for the necessary assurance that they are making the right decision. For the practitioner, the phone consult is a key checkpoint to verify that a prospective patient is indeed coachable, committed and resourceful enough to successfully complete the care plan.

To keep phone consults productive, it is essential that practitioners deliver much of their program overview prior to the actual in-person phone consult, using the phone consult reminder emails as a vehicle to deliver a brief overview video that explains the typical process, associated costs and the type of patient who is a good fit for the program.

Thus, the phone consult can largely focus on the patient, exploring the motivations to seek help at this point and answering any questions.

In many instances, a pre-phone consult video allows practitioners to save significant time, provides for a much easier sales conversation, and allows a patient coordinator to handle these calls rather than the lead practitioner.

If you enjoyed this series of posts and are interested in creating a low-stress, digitally advanced practice, then check out the Practice Accelerator program as a great place to start your journey. In addition, be sure to sign up for our free concierge calls to help fast-track your practice success.


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As a veteran marketing expert and tech entrepreneur, Uli Iserloh has spent the past two decades building automated marketing systems that position health practitioners as the go-to experts in their community. In a world dominated by chronic disease, he advocates for an education-based marketing approach to inform prospective patients about the promise of integrative, holistic, and lifestyle/functional medicine.

After 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, he founded Big Boost Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency serving many of today’s Functional Medicine leaders—helping health practitioners attract, nurture and convert more prospects into clients. In addition, he is also serving as the COO for the Evolution of Medicine, guiding the company’s marketing strategy and operations.



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