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CM Vitals In-Practice Guide

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CM Vitals In-Practice Guide

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The CM Vitals In-Practice Guide is a must-have resource for every functional medicine practice. This resource is intended to be used in daily practice and focuses on case studies and protocols to help clinicians more effectively assess and treat patients with dyslipidemia, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The In-Practice Guide is also included as part of the CM Vitals Clinical Implementation Resource Kit.

The CM Vitals In-Practice Guide:

  • Identifies the key drivers of insulin resistance, inflammation and metabolic syndrome
  • Understand the relationship between risk biomarkers and underlying mechanisms
  • Offers suggested lifestyle habits to address cardiometabolic risk
  • Review important biomarkers and laboratory measurements for stratifying cardiometabolic risk
  • Four key clinical cases studies with treatment protocols
  • Offers protocols for various cardiometabolic conditions

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