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Implementation Guide

Your step-by-step guide guide to implementing the WellMatrix Health Resiliency Program

The Standard Road Map

Clinical reference guide discussing the latest research on using nutrients as genomic and epigenetic signals, understanding different dietary patterns and the use of nutraceuticals as intervention. Click to learn more.


In-Practice Guide

Clinical resource providing a comprehensive structure for measuring wellness and building health resiliency, complete with case studies and protocols. Click to learn more.

Patient Handbook

Patient Handbook

A resource that can be sent home with patients after the initial office visit to reinforce the importance ofnutritional, emotional, physical and environmental wellbeing in building health resiliency. Click to learn more.

WellMatrix Health Inventory Sheet

Helps your patients take inventory of their dietary habits and understand their core nutritional needs. Click to learn more.

Patient Education Video

A short, animated video used to help patients understand what wellbeing is and the important factors in building health resilience. Click to learn more.

Presentation Pads

Clinical conversation tools that help your patients understand how to (re)build health resiliency through nutritional, emotional, physical and environmental wellbeing.


The questionnaire provides a framework to assess patients’ nutritional, physical, emotional and environmental wellbeing. Each section includes a scoring system to help you determine next steps in their care. Click here to learn more.

In-Office Marketing

For your waiting room, front desk, exam rooms and email marketing, these marketing materials can be used to prompt patient education and conversation about wellbeing and how you can help them. Click to learn more.

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