Upcoming Webinar:

New Tools to Evaluate Stress and Rebuild the Burned-Out Brain

Christopher Mote, DO, DC, IFMCP


If all disease begins in the gut, then the brain is the gateway to chronic disease. In the last 10 years, many advancements in our understanding of stress, both real and perceived, have proved its intricate relationship to the development of chronic disease. There is a high cost to stress and the goal of any treatment strategy should be focused on building stress resiliency.

In this webinar, Dr. Christopher Mote will:

  • Help establish a new perspective on lab assessments for circadian disruption
  • Discuss how to reestablish healthy circadian rhythms
  • Focus on lifestyle and nutritional interventions to help rebuild the burned-out brain



Christopher Mote, DO, DC, IFMCP

Christopher Mote, DO, DC, IFMCP earned his doctorate in osteopathy from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University. He earned his doctorate in chiropractic and Bachelor of Science in human biology from the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in Lombard, Illinois, and is certified in Functional Diagnostic Medicine.

Dr. Mote also serves as the ARK Stress Recovery Program Clinical Expert at the Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center. With a focus on addressing the root cause of health concerns, Dr. Mote specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic health disorders.

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