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A Look Inside the Standard Road Map Series

Functional Strategies for the Management of Gastrointestinal Disorders, the newest edition of The Standard Road Map Series, helps clinicians tackle the increasing array of complex GI disorders becoming commonplace in today’s patients. This invaluable resource covers core principles of GI function and the many factors leading to dysfunction, and provides a framework for clinicians to assess and treat patients with complex GI disorders.

This Road Map provides clinicians with greater insight into:

  • Treating Functional GI Disorders
  • Laboratory Assessment of Complex GI Disorders
  • Understanding the Microbial Ecosystem in the Gut
  • The Metabolic Influence of the Human Microbiome
  • The Use of Probiotics as Therapeutic Agents for Dysbiosis and Beyond

What inspired you to write the Standard
Road Map Series?

How does the microbiome impact the efficacy of nutrients and herbal therapies?


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