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Here's How the Program Works

Step 1:

MSK Solutions Questionnaire

The questionnaire is an important part of the initial patient intake. It will help you assess their nutritional, physical and psychological status and assist in establishing a treatment plan based on where patients fall on the phase of care continuum.

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Step 2:

Healing Matrix Inventory Sheet

The Healing Matrix Inventory Sheet helps you expand the conversation with patients about pain, the ways it manifests, how it can become chronic, and how it often leads to a life of dependency on medications that only mask the root cause.

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Step 3:

MSK Solutions Patient Handbook

Once the initial examination is complete, it’s recommended to send the patient home with the Patient Handbook and ask them to read chapters 1 and 2. After the follow-up visit for the report of findings, we recommend the patient reads the remainder of the Patient Handbook to get acquainted with the principles of the program.

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Step 4:

Pain and Healing Presentation Pad

The Pain and Healing Presentation Pad is an illustrative tool designed to help you walk the patient through pain physiology, and the differences between acute and chronic pain. This tool will help them understand the importance of a comprehensive approach to healing, which includes addressing the nutritional, physical and psychological aspects of recovery.

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Step 5:

Patient Care Plan Pad

Once the initial and follow-up visits are complete, and report of findings have been established, the Patient Care Plan Pad is a comprehensive form that allows you to establish the phase of care as well as set the treatment expectation and reassessment for the patient moving forward. Reassessment is typically every four weeks to measure progress and adjust the plan.

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Step 6:

No Pain, Total Gain Group Visit Toolkit (USB Flash Drive)

Once you’ve developed a treatment plan for your patients, it’s important to keep them engaged. One simple way to do this is to enroll them in the No Pain, Total Gain Group Visit. This curriculum provides a complete presentation, handouts and videos that you can implement quickly to do more patient education or community education. If you’re in a primary care practice that takes insurance, it provides a SOAP Note so you can capture the proper documentation to bill insurance for each patient in the Group Visit.

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Put it All Together

The MSK Solutions Clinical Implementation Resource Kit

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