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The Standard Road Map Supporting Immune Function:
A Lifestyle and Nutrient Approach

The most up-to-date reference guide for clinicians treating complex immune disorders

Here's How the Program Works:

Step 1:

Immune Foundations Questionnaire

The questionnaire is designed to be used as part of the initial patient intake. This tool helps clinicians identify any weaknesses in the immune system to tackle immediate immune challenges presented by the patient.

Step 2:

Immune Development Timeline

The timeline maps out past illnesses, stressful events and toxic exposures that, when combined with your intake, can be used to identify drivers of immune dysfunction and help patients understand how their health history impacts their current state.

Step 3:

Immune Foundations Presentation Pads

The presentation pads were created as a clinical conversation tool that can be used to explain the intricate link between gut and immune health, as well as mitochondrial energy production and its connection to immune function. These presentation pads provide practical lifestyle and nutritional reinforcement to help patients take initial steps for immune recovery.

Step 4:

Immune Foundations Patient Handbook

Once you have identified any weaknesses and determined appropriate testing protocol, send the patient handbook home with your patient. This powerful resource was created to educate and reinforce important concepts in immune health prior to the follow-up visit.

Step 5:

Essentials of Immune Health Group Visit Toolkit (USB Flash Drive)

Once you’ve developed a treatment strategy for your patients, it’s important to keep them engaged. One of the most efficient ways to do this is through Group Visits. We recommend that the patients next visit with you be in a Group Visit, typically about one month after the initial visit. Because much of their progress is based on their lifestyle decisions, it’s important to keep them motivated. The Essentials of Immune Health GVT is an easy way to integrate the Group Visit model into your practice, while maximizing your time and providing valuable education to your patients.

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