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A Doctor's Journey

Hear from Dr. Saxena as she discusses her personal journey integrating Group Visits into her practice and how they became a critical tool for maximizing time, expanding patient access, improving practice efficiency, and creating better patient connections.

What is a Group Visit

The idea of Group Visits is not new . In fact, many well-known medical institutions have been conducting Group Visits for decades. In this video, Dr. Saxena outlines what a Group Visit is, what it looks like in a typical functional or integrative practice, and how this model can benefit your practice.

Billing, Coding and HIPAA

“Can I bill for a Group Visit? What does that look like?” “What CPT code is typically used?” “How do I ensure the Group Visit is HIPAA compliant?” Hear from Dr. Saxena as she answers these and other common questions surrounding Group Visits and proper billing, coding and HIPAA compliance.

Work Smart Resources

In this video, Dr. Saxena discusses Group Visit Toolkits and how each curriculum is custom designed for specific sessions to help you create more effective operational, financial and clinical success in your practice.

Tips for Getting Started

You’ve purchased a Group Visit Toolkit or you’re ready to purchase one, so how do you get started? What’s the most effective strategy to get Group Visits off the ground in your practice? In this video, Dr. Saxena shares helpful tips to ensure the successful implementation of the Group Visit model in your practice.

Visualize Group Visits

In this video, Dr. Saxena walks you through the entire Group Visit process in her own practice. She explains each step, from the setup, to patient check-in, to preparing the necessary forms, to the staff you need and all the details in between. This video will help you better understand the flow of the Group Visit model and determine the best strategy for your practice.

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