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Group Visit Toolkit Bundle Pack (9 Programs)

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Group Visit Toolkit Bundle Pack (9 Programs)


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Seven Unique Group Visit Toolkits Bundled Together (5% savings over individual GVT purchase)

  • GVT 1: Advanced Prevention for Cardiovascular Disease (USB)
  • GVT 2: Protecting Your Heart: The Blood Sugar/Blood Insulin Connection (USB)
  • GVT 3: GI Foundations: Heal Your Gut Heal Your Body (USB Flash Drive)
  • GVT 4: Restoring the Balance: Stress Hormones and Health (USB Flash Drive)
  • GVT 5: Healthy Weight for Life (USB)
  • GVT 6: Essentials of Immune Health (USB Flash Drive)
  • GVT 7: Movement as Medicine (USB Flash Drive)
  • GVT 8: No Pain, Total Gain GVT

Group Visit Toolkit allow practitioners to educate their patients with chronic disease or dysfunction on different lifestyle and functional medicine topics. Patients needing similar lifestyle education are grouped together to maximize the clinicians time, and to facilitate a supportive environment for patients to acquire the information and motivation needed to change their health trajectory.

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