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Implementation Solutions
for Your Practice

We have the tools you need to
implement functional medicine

The Standard Road Map Series

This textbook series takes an evidence-based perspective on a variety of topics. Recommended reading for both the novice and the expert in functional medicine who want to expand their knowledge.

In-Practice Guides

These in-practice guides focus on clinical case study presentations and lifestyle and nutrient protocols. Great for clinicians who want to learn how to assess labs and develop treatment strategies.


Questionnaires are designed to be given to the patient at their first visit and can be used in follow-up visits to measure progress. They help you prioritize intervention strategies and determine additional testing needs.

Patient Education Videos

These animated videos help educate patients on a variety of health topics. They can be shown in the exam room prior to the initial appointment, sent to the patient after the first visit, or used to market to prospective patients.

Presentation Pads

These patient-focused, tear-off sheets help start the conversation on functional medicine concepts and lifestyle and nutrient support considerations.

Patient Handbooks

This tool is like homework for patients, designed to reinforce concepts from the first office visit and help them better understand the journey to better health.

Group Visit Toolkits (GVTs)

Each program offers a curriculum for clinicians ready to leverage their time, increase their influence, build revenue and inspire change in their patients. We’ve done the heavy-lifting–each toolkit includes ready-to-use visit forms, patient handouts and multimedia education. We’re on-call to help with implementation, too.

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