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Implementation Guide

Your step-by-step guide to implementing the CM Vitals Program.

The Standard Road Map

Clinical reference guide that discusses the latest advances in cardiometabolic assessment and strategies for putting these principles into action. Click to learn more.


In-Practice Guide

Clinical resource designed to help you effectively assess and treat patients with cardiometabolic-related illnesses, complete with case studies and protocols. Click to learn more.

Patient Handbook

Patient Handbook

A resource that can be sent home with patients after the initial office visit. Click to learn more.

Inventory Sheet

Help your patients understand the importance of the cardiovascular system and how cardiovascular disease can progress. Click to learn more.

Patient Education Video

Short, animated video to prime the conversation about the program and help patients understand cardiometabolic health. Click to learn more.

Presentation Pads

Clinical conversation tools that help your patients understand cardiometabolic risk. Click to learn more: Insulin Resistance Pad, Atherosclerosis and Chronic Inflammation Pad

Advanced Cardiometabolic Analysis

Helps you and your patients identify the factors contributing to cardiometabolic risk so you can develop a personalized protocol. Click here to learn more.

In-Office Marketing

For your waiting room, front desk, exam rooms and email marketing, these marketing materials prompt patient education and conversation about cardiometabolic risk and how you can help them. Click to learn more.

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