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Cardiometabolic Risk Management: A Functional and Lifestyle Approach

The most up-to-date reference guide for clinicians treating complex cardiometablic risk and disease.


Here's How the Program Works

Step 1:

CM Vitals Advanced Cardiometabolic Analysis

This analysis is designed to be used alongside the initial patient intake forms or as part of a follow-up visit. Each section focuses on questions related to various aspects of lifestyle medicine such as diet, stress, toxic burden and physical activity. This tool will help you identify major drivers of insulin resistance, metabolic dysfunction and chronic inflammation.

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Step 2:

CM Vitals Inventory Sheet

The CM Vitals Inventory Sheet is an illustrative tool that can be discussed in an examination to help your patients understand the role of the cardiovascular system and lifestyle choices affecting risk. The inventory sheet also highlights the difference between a traditional approach to cardiovascular risk reduction and a functional approach to risk reduction.

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Step 3:

CM Vitals Presentation Pads

The presentation pads were created as clinical conversation tools that can be used to explain complex topics, including insulin resistance, metabolic dysfunction, atherosclerosis and the difference between acute and chronic inflammation in the disease process. These tools help you break down those conversations into more digestible terms and reinforce practical lifestyle and nutritional recommendations to help patients take the initial steps in reducing risk.

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Step 4:

CM Vitals Patient Handbook

Once the drivers of insulin resistance, metabolic dysfunction and chronic inflammation have been identified and the appropriate testing has been determined for your patient, send patients home with the CM Vitals Patient Handbook. This resource was created to reinforce important concepts in cardiometabolic health and encourage patients to take action prior to the follow-up visit.

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Step 5:

CM Vitals Group Visit Toolkits (USB Flash Drive)

Once you’ve developed a treatment strategy for your patients, it’s important to keep them engaged. One of the most efficient ways to do this is through Group Visits. We recommend the next visit be in a Group Visit setting, typically about one month after the initial follow-up visit. The CM Vitals Program offers three options to integrate the group visit model into your practice, while maximizing your time and providing valuable education to your patients.

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Put it All Together

The CM Vitals Clinical Implementation Resource Kit

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