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The Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center gives you access to a variety of informative publications for both clinicians and patients. The WellMatrix Physician Road Map to Foundational Nutrition and The WellMatrix Patient Handbook to Foundational Nutrition offer practical advice on building a foundation of health through sound nutrition, while the groundbreaking book, The Original Prescription, provides an in-depth look at what’s gone wrong with Americans’ health and how to get it back on track.


The Standard Monograph Series:
Prenatal Nutrition

Through the emerging science of epigenetics and genomics, we are beginning to understand the central role parents’ nutrition plays in the health outcomes of their children well before conception. Prenatal nutrition is a topic of particular significance, but does not often receive thorough review. With the help of Kelly Barnhill, a clinical nutritionist and expert in pediatric and maternal nutrition, Dr. Thomas G. Guilliams tackles this fascinating and sometimes controversial topic in the newest addition to the Standard Monograph Series. Prenatal Nutrition: The Role of Diet & Supplementation uses the latest available research to explore epigenetics, fetal programming, and the critical nature of preconception (father and mother) and prenatal nutrition.

The Standard Road Map Series:
Supporting Immune Function

Over the past several decades, our knowledge and understanding of the human immune system has greatly advanced. These advancements have provided insight into effective treatment strategies that have driven many of the infectious diseases of the past into extinction. In the 21st century, we are face-to-face with an onslaught of new immune system challenges that have emerged on the battlefield of patient care. Supporting Immune Function: A Lifestyle and Nutrient Approach drives the core philosophy for the Immune Foundations Program. This beautifully illustrated, up-to-date reference guide answers complex questions related to immune and autoimmune conditions.
It provides clear strategies to build lifestyle intervention and targeted nutrient protocols to enhance immune health.


Immune Patient Handbook

Interwoven within the body, affecting almost every aspect of health, immune strength is critical to achieve optimal patient wellness. The Immune Foundations Patient Handbook is designed to help patients better understand the importance of immune system health.  It covers many facets of immune health, including the impact of stress on immunity; the intricate link between the gastrointestinal system and immune function; the importance of cellular energy production to increase immune strength; and how to use dietary supplements to boost immune function. Patients want to understand this delicately balanced system that is so important to their health, and this handbook makes every detail easy to understand.


The Standard Road Map Series: Supplementing Dietary Nutrients

Solid nutrition is the foundation of good health; the dietary choices we make over a lifetime can either make or break our health. The Physician Road Map to the Foundational Nutrition Program provides in-depth, science-based information on optimal nutrition and explores the interaction between nutrition and genetics. It will help you work with your patients to improve the quality of their diets and develop individualized supplement plans.

wellmatrixguideWellMatrix Foundational Nutrition Patient Handbook

Many patients have a genuine interest in preventing and overcoming disease through lifestyle modification. Yet they get frustrated with contradictory dietary recommendations, and they often have difficulty distinguishing helpful supplements from hype. The Patient Guide to the Foundational Nutrition Program takes the mystery out of optimal nutrition for patients. It includes a comprehensive  two-week healthy eating plan and tips for bridging nutritional gaps, along with important steps they can take to improve the quality of their diets.





The Original Prescription: How the Latest
Scientific Discoveries Can Help You Leverage
the Power of Lifestyle Medicine

Authored by Thomas G. Guilliams, Ph.D., The Original Prescription explores the lifestyle and environmental factors contributing to some of America’s greatest killers, including heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. The book reveals the fascinating science behind lifestyle medicine and explains how we can reverse the cumulative effects of poor lifestyle choices by leveraging the body’s natural healing power. Covering topics such as diet, exercise, stress, sleep, interactions with the environment, healthy habits, and the role of community in the life of the individual, Dr. Guilliams offers a hopeful prescription for achieving optimal health.



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