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Bone Builder Program

Are You Ready to Monetize Your Natural Health Expertise Beyond Adjustments?

Discover how a clinical osteoporosis program can be the perfect complement to your chiropractic business.

Osteoporosis is an Untapped Market with Millions Looking for a Different Approach

Many chiropractic practices focus on getting new patients, which is critically important to the success of the business. But what if you could create an in-demand clinical specialty AND not only have patients looking for you but start engaging potential patients in your community?

The majority of DCs build a business that is focused on adjustments, but this model depends on a constant flow of new patients in order to remain cash flow positive. In reality, this model frequently leads to burnout and unpredictable cash flow.

A better model focuses on adding additional revenue streams that serve a need in growing markets.

One of these services that fits all the unique qualifiers, and fits within a chiropractor’s scope of training is osteoporosis.

Over the next decade, 55% of Americans over the age of 50 will need some degree of bone density support. Up to 70% of those prescribed an osteoporosis medication will discontinue the drug on their own within 12 months, leaving them vulnerable to fractures. Plus, patients fear the drug side effects and are not educated on the natural lifestyle factors that allow them to take control of their bone density and turn their fears into hope.

osteo chart

The #1 Reason Many Chiropractors Struggle is Because They Lack Diversified Offerings

Many chiropractic practices are built on 10-minute appointments that only offer hands-on or physical services that leave their business highly vulnerable to anything that disrupts the in-person appointment.

And chiropractors do this all the time in business, leaving themselves vulnerable unknowingly to any disruption.

  • There’s no diverse revenue streams in case one is disrupted
  • No consistent flow of patients seeking more than adjustments
  • No pre-education plan to let their patients know they can offer more
  • No marketing plan to promote a secondary program
  • No automation of services outside of physical services

Growing Your Chiropractic Practice is About Finding and Addressing a Need that Traditional Channels Can’t Solve

Think about the patient’s experience with their endocrinologist or primary care physician. The first thing most people probably think is “All my doctor gave me is a drug?!” or “I’ve taken calcium, and here I am anyways.”

What if there was a better way? What if you could offer natural lifestyle solutions that would increase bone density, decrease the risk of fractures, and was as effective as bisphosphonates without the side effects? Who better than you to offer this as an option since chiropractors are known as the postural and structural musculoskeletal specialists?

So, before you even talk about YOUR protocol, you’ve got to explain why most osteoporosis treatments are risky, and how the traditional medical approaches are only one part of the equation.

If your patient doesn’t understand how your protocol is altogether a completely different approach, they won’t choose your practice.

Confusion repels the buying decision.

What better way to bring up bone density than with your existing patients?


Calling All Lifestyle Chiropractors…It’s Time to Add an Osteoporosis Specialty to the Mix

Creating a thriving practice is all about being KNOWN for your expertise…you can’t just BE a great clinician; you have to be KNOWN as one.

And as a chiropractor, positioning yourself as an osteoporosis specialist is a smart move.

And that’s where the Bone Builder Program comes in…programs drive home your expertise and the value shows up in many ways:

  • More organic leads into your private practice
  • More opportunities to serve your existing client base
  • Filling an underserved need in your community
  • More success in patient healing as they learn from you
  • More supplement sales
  • More demand for lab testing and video lab interpretations

Effortlessly Create Your Bone Builder Program to Grow Your Practice

The Bone Builder Program is a three-part training designed to show you step-by-step what you need to do to launch, run and market your program. You’ll discover WHAT to do and HOW to do it ...simply go at your own pace.

Who is This Program For?

If you are a chiropractor looking to acquire more patients, increase cash flow, and diversify your practice, you are a perfect fit for this training.

What’s Included in the Bone Builder Program

bone builder program

  • 3 Online Training Modules
  • Exercise Guide and Diet & Nutrition Guide
  • 6 Pre-Written Promotional Emails
  • 6 Social Media Posts
  • Patient Newsletter
  • Presentation for Marketing this Program to Prospective Patients
Module 1: Lifestyle Approach for Strengthening Bones Naturally

First, you will quickly get up to speed on the growing demand for osteoporosis care, and the gap in lifestyle recommendations patients receive in traditional medical care. Next, you’ll learn which nutrients are most efficacious in treating osteoporosis and other key lifestyle factors they are not getting at their doctor’s office. This will help you turn your “knowledge into expertise,” and strategic design the perfect plan to target osteoporosis patients’ needs.

Module 2: Clinical Implementation of the Bone Builder Program

Now that you’ve established your knowledge and expertise, we’ll establish the osteoporosis protocol from start to finish. This includes creating a care plan that has clinical checkpoints along the care plan that allows your patients to easily see how they will go from “fragile to freedom” in easily digestible steps. Expect to spend the bulk of your time determining exactly what forms, tests, and even referral network you may need to get in place. We’ll also teach you how to include opportunities to add revenue, while still remaining focused on benefiting your patients.

Module 3: How to Market and Promote Your Program

With the program expertise and protocol in place, we’ll turn our attention to the critical importance of how to market and promote your program. We will walk you through the marketing plan template and teach you how to customize it to your specific clinic details. This is where you’ll discover the exact step-by-step plan to promote the initial phases of launching your live program. From there, we’ll dive into some simple marketing activities that will promote your course with impeccable style and efficiency. Plus, you’ll also get a real-life example of a promotional campaign so you can easily adapt and adapt it to your own needs.

Bonus Content

With the purchase of the Bone Builder Program, you’ll get two free bonuses (a $100 value) that will help you go further, faster.

BONUS #1: MSK Solutions In-Practice Guide

This standalone resource provides clinicians with a framework for assessing and treating patients in acute and chronic pain, as well as protocols for arthritis and osteoporosis. Developed by a team of clinical experts this guide is the perfect companion resource for the first module in the 3-Part Bone Builder Program. It helps you enhance your position as an expert in your community, so that you standout and become known for your clinical success.

BONUS #2:  The Standard Road Map: Supplementing Dietary Nutrients, Second Edition


This text has been implemented in graduate-level nutrition programs around the country! Authored by Dr. Thomas G. Guilliams, and recently updated you’ll have all the answers for some of the most challenging questions on nutrition and dietary supplement use in clinical practice. If you feel inadequate in clinical nutrition training, this textbook will propel you to the top with the latest nutritional topics:

  • How nutrients serve as genomic and epigenetic signals
  • Defining optimal nutrition
  • Natural vs. synthetic vitamins
  • The regulatory climate of dietary supplements
  • The most proven dietary patterns
  • Whole food vs. isolates
  • How intake guidelines (RDAs) are determined

This comprehensive resource will help you work with your patients to improve the quality of their diets and develop individualized supplement plans and is perfect for understanding every nutrient involved in the bone health protocols.

What's My Investment?

When you invest in yourself, you can better predict the future revenue of your practice. If you’re ready to build a thriving practice, we’re going to do everything in our power to help you launch a successful Bone Builder Program in 2021 and beyond.

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